Constipation for nearly 3 years, The bowel sounds are very severe, It starts on an empty stomach or when it is very cold and will have bowel sounds. For about half an hour, Now I have bowel sounds after eating, There is a muffled sound in my stomach, Usually, I have been sitting all the time, but I can’t discharge my breath and turn it upside down. During my menstrual period, my bowel sounds are more serious, and I have more breath. I didn’t cut it before, but now my breath is upwelling, and it is a long big cut, and it will spin in my throat. I feel that there is something blocked in my throat. My breath is in that seam, and there is also a sound. After eating, I feel stuck in my throat all the time. Before you want to defecate, there has been a lot of gas coming down, and you can’t hold it back. You have to go to the toilet two or three times a day, and you can’t do it if you don’t go, otherwise you will always produce gas

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